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For the woman in the Corporate world who doesn't fit in to the societal norms

She doesn't want the "career-driven" lifetsyle, she wants the "experience-driven" lifestyle and she is ready to reinvent herself but doesn't even know where to start!
Come learn the tools that set me free to follow my heart 12/15 at 8PM EST/5PM PST
Ready to Reinvent Yourself?
In my FREE Workshop, I will be sharing with you my story and how I went from feeling like a loser that didn't fit in, to completely embracing the fact that I was different.

This act of self-love liberated me and took me down the path of choosing to follow my heart and doing whatever the heck I wanted to do with my life, even if that meant my family, friends and coworkers didn't like it or didn't agree... 

I will be sharing with you the tools that set me free from lack of clarity, fear, lack of self acceptance, anxiety, self sabotage and second guessing myself in order to take a leap and just going all in for what made ME feel free, fulfilled... alive! 
Who is it for?
This Workshop is for the multitalented and multipassionate woman in the corporate world who is avid of new experiences in her life

♥ The word "career" doesn't resonate with her because she realized it is not her goal to climb the corporate ladder

♥ She enjoys the work experience until her heart tells her its time to move on to the next exciting, fun, adventurous experience but she doesn't know how to go for it

♥ She feels pressured by her family, friends and coworkers as they all feel like she needs to just be stable like "everybody else"

♥ She feels pressured to settle down, get married and have kids, but when she digs down deep, she is UNSURE if she even wants that

♥ She is really good at many things and she wants to have experiences where she can explode her talents because that makes her feel alive, but she feels frustrated because she feels like she should fit in to the society's box

♥ She is an extrovert and loves people but she doesn't feel confident in expressing what it is that she truly wants for her

♥ She follows rules against her will and she feels exhausted but she thinks that life is just that way

♥ She craves experiences that are "out of the box" for most "normal" people

♥ She doesn't know why she wants to do all these things and she thinks there is something wrong with her for not wanting to stick to one single thing

♥ She feels like time is running out and she feels guilty expressing that she doesn't really want to continue to go down the path she is going down

♥ She knows she wants to experience something else but she's also a bit unclear and a bit blurry about what she wants

♥ She wants to follow her heart and her dreams but she tends to shut down her emotions to stay where she is and "be stable" but deep down she has a deep desire for FREEDOM

♥ She dreams and fantasizes about how her life would be if she didn't have to follow the rules, but every time the universe gives her an oportunity, she self-sabotages/ignores it/comes back to "the real world and what she SHOULD do"

♥ She is lacking clarity and confidence about what she truly desires her lifestyle to be, all she knows is that she wants something different

♥ She goes through anxiety and fear when trying to change her life
What are the Results?
♥ Get crystal clear on what you actually want for you and for your next life experience

♥ Make a plan that feels aligned with your values and what you want

♥ Leave the workshop knowing what your next aligned action is going to be for you to be able to live the life you truly want to experience

♥ Increase your self acceptance in knowing that it's OK not fit in 

♥ Increase self awareness about what you want the next season of your life to look like 

♥ Increase self knowledge about who you  truly are 

♥ Increase your self confidence and self esteem by understanding yourself


♥ Plan on your next adventure

♥ Get over fear and anxiety

♥ Feel completely supported
♥ 45 min LIVE workshop inside a private facebook group

♥ Q&A section

♥ Clarity Finder PDF
What are you waiting for?
You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain when you join me on December 15th at 8PM EST / 5PM PST for my complimentary workshop: Reinvent Yourself
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